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Engage with an unemployment algorithm

This site enables you to interact with a demo inspired by The STAR Algorithm (from the Danish abbreviation of The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment, hereafter STAR).

The algorithm constitutes the core of a profiling tool, which is implemented in job centers in Denmark. This profiling tool was initially presented as a tool to support the unemployed in their preparation for the job-seeking process and as a starting point for the dialogue between the unemployed individual and their caseworker at the local job center.
In practice, the profiling tool uses an implemented algorithm to create data profiles of unemployed citizens based on personal data. The stated purpose of the tool – and the underlying algorithm – is to predict whether an unemployed citizen is at risk of long-term unemployment.

You can explore how the algorithm makes predictions by entering different values below.

What is your highest completed education level?

In which field of study were you educated? (based on your highest completed education qualification)

How long do you think it will take before you get a job?

Were you terminated, or did you resign, from your previous job?

For how long have you known that you would be unemployed?

How many jobs have you applied for since you became unemployed?

How do you assess your job opportunities in the areas where you are looking for work?

Do you know what job you would like to have?

How do you apply for/plan to apply for jobs? (You may check multiple boxes)

Responding to advertisements in newspapers, magazines, the internet, etc.
Sending unsolicited job applications
Contacting employers personally or by phone
Using social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
Using my network (contacting friends, family, former study or work colleagues, etc.)
Temp agency

Which of the following considerations are you making to increase your job opportunities? (You may check multiple boxes)

I am considering changing industry
I am considering commuting long distances
I am considering moving
I am considering taking another education
I am considering pay cuts
I am not considering any of the above

Is there anything that makes it difficult for you to get a job?

If yes, what is making it difficult for you to get a job? (You may check multiple boxes)

My physical health
My mental health
Personal or social conditions
Financial conditions
Alcohol addication or drug abuse
Lack of reading, spelling or math skills
Lack of IT skills
Language Barriers
Other, please specify

Almost there...

The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment provides the STAR algorithm with your register data. As we do not have access to your register data, we ask that you provide this information below.

What is your origin?

How old are you?

Please enter a valid input

How many months out of the last 36 months have you been employed?

Please enter a valid input

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